As we left Kinsale, we continued to head south past numerous open fields, farms, ruins, and finally coastline. We had walked through a cemetery which had an old ruined church made from stone, since then, a plethora of plants had covered and held together the remaining stone work. My mother made me pose.

The coast line was by far the highlight of this day. Just some beautiful cliffs that had dropped into the water. 

I must have had some good Karma because today, at dinner, we were served garlic bread. Such a pleasant surprise!

If you aren’t jealous yet, this video is just a short clip of the “Sky Lounge” in our hotel overlooking the City of Bangkok. Too bad there is no drinking on this trip… I’ll have a water.

Some familiar fruit, some unfamiliar fruit!

Thai Coke!!!!

The contents of this bag are all I have with me for the next 20+ hours of my life. I am hoping my electronics’ batteries pull through and my sandwich lasts me a long time. All the excitement is killing me. Soon I will be abroad!

The contents of my travels. Let’s go put it in a tiny bag!