Day 5 was not as interesting as previous days. We boarded a bus and went over the border, located at a place called Aranyaphrathet, from Thailand to Cambodia.

Here are some pictures of our 7 hour bus Journey and the first impressions of Cambodia. We see again some poverty and luxury in the same mile stretch of a road. This is odd, coming from someone in the states, but I guess to each their own!

Some quick notes about Cambodia:

  • They take American currency (on the streets and their ATMs provide it as well!) 
  • The food is absolutely delicious and there are no preservatives in any of the cuisine!
  • Many Cambodians speak enough English for this American to get by!
  • Cambodians are generally honest and nice people, always with a smile and always there to help, this is deep seeded into the Buddhist religion and their culture. I haven’t met one that hasn’t smiled yet!

Pete Marcano @marcano