Hi — I’m Pete Marcano, founder of Rack5 and tech junkie since birth. I love making people’s days a little easier.

At Rack5 we’re building Key — a handsfree, zero-hassle password manager. Being secure online is as easy as carrying your phone in your pocket.

I also maintain a few side projects (and terrible domain names that seemed like good ideas at the time) to keep my knowledge and skill set fresh:

  • Alt Hunt, discover and listen to music that doesn’t suck.
  • Photos, my personal online photo portfolio.
  • Bounded.in, long-term note collecting from parents to kids.
  • DoubleWrapped.com, a collection of burritos so large, one tortilla isn’t enough.

I write essays on our business blog and on this site occasionally to teach what I learn.

If you’d like to chat or work with me, shoot me an email at pbmarcano91@gmail.com, tweet me @pbmarcano, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Have a nice day!