Is Trump even good at golf?

If the back button on my browser brings me anywhere other than the previous screen I was looking at, your javascript single page app is infuriating.

Looking at you, Jira.

I am one day into using HEY for email. For the first time in my life, I wish I got more email.

Why does every democrat have my email address and spam me requesting donations?

Education is wasted on the ignorant. The more you know, the more you want to know.

My Zoom game is about to get real.…

LinkedIn but for people who don’t give a shit about how your company is helping fight Coronavirus

If there isn’t a podcast where a child interviews people about their jobs – literally forcing people to explain their work to a 5 year old – someone should start one.

End result? Cute business podcast without jargon.

Beginning a much needed project that has been far too easy to ignore — taking my personal stuff off my work computer and my work stuff off my personal devices.

Anyone got a Hype Machine account that I can follow?

I’ve felt exponentially more sane since unfollowing everyone on Twitter, the last of my social media feeds.

I’m grateful for the people out there still keeping thoughtful, researched, and insightful blogs on the internet. They give you the best lens to understand the world from.

Cancel your news subscription and donate that next payment to Wikipedia.

The ‘Current Events’ page is all the big news you need.

No outrage driven narrative, no click-bait headlines.

As a bonus step, click on any link to become smarter.

The world needs to value facts again.

However this impeachment process plays out, half the country will believe that the system doesn’t work.

This may be a lose-lose either way.

Wanted: Coworking space with ergonomic furniture.

Enough with the coffee shop vibes. My back hurts.

This feels like a strategy credit if I’ve ever seen one. Twitter likely makes very little from political ads.

Like Apple taking a side of privacy. Money comes into the company elsewhere.

Twitter Will Ban All Political Ads, C.E.O. Jack Dorsey Says - The New York Times

Is it a hard and fast rule that blockchain whitepapers need to be boring?

Okay, it’s official. I’m bullish on blockchain.

I think that Safari’s Reader mode is one of its best features. I use it more often than not.

This may be my favorite music video this month.…

I’m trying to make a habit of deleting more podcast episodes per week than I listen to.

Do I know anybody with a I’m looking for people to follow.

Who is actually worried about not finding something to watch?

Just another example of Silicon Valley making up more problems to solve in the name of engagement.

A sunrise in Taiwan is pretty beautiful.

I’m really enjoying the process of migrating off third-party services where my data is being used in ways I don’t understand.

Twitter ->
Spotify -> Apple Music
Chrome -> Safari
Instapaper -> Safari Reading List

More to come… it’s a slow migration.

If you don’t think the web has a javascript bloat problem, pay for wifi on an airplane.