Christmas means a new watch! Meet my automatic Orient Ranger.

My daily calendar really nailed my weekly ambitions

Does the mustache make the man, or the man make the mustache? You decide

sharonsofield – I feel like “cheeks” wore it better than I did.

So excited to meet you, Christian! @kaymendi10 is a lucky mommy!

My daily calendar seems to be consistently spot on.

Chilling on the lake for the day. #goodbyekatie

cuccamonster with her most appropriate shirt

Starting to impress myself with my cooking!

My life is harder than yours.

jason_jan and I shredding some Steamboat gnar…

Here we go. My much cleaner desk… For my less messy days.

Some nights I actually work in a room this messy 😳

We took this “superjeep” around glaciers and volcanos today… I’m thinking this is my next place to expat.

Did I mention the scenery is unbelievable in Iceland? No filters needed this day.

Even more beautiful terrain… Can’t get enough.

First waterfall sighting in Iceland. This country is filled with awesome landscapes.


Getting a little workout before work

This is my attempt at “adulting” and writing real thank you notes… I’m a 24 year old work in progress.

Let’s go Devils! Free food is a nice perk too.

Really digging the watch my grandfather gave me for Christmas. The simplicity and cleanliness of the design is rather calming.

Merry Christmas from my Irish whiskey to yours.

These seats are awesome when the play is on our side.